Teen Brothers Create Lawn Painting Business To Brighten Neighbors’ Quarantine.

As an April Fool’s prank, brothers Zach and Josh Menlove painted the Dodgers logo on the lawn of a family member, who happens to be a fan of the Dodgers’ rival, the LA Angels. Their family member got a kick out of it, but the neighbors loved it and wanted something in their own lawns. 

Then, LA Lawn Art was born. With the help of their dad, Ryan, Zach and Josh now go all over the area painting logos on fans’ lawns. 

It was Zach who initially started the business, using his background in robotics to cut out the teams’ logos from wood. He uses the cutouts as a stencil and then fills them in with the right colors using regular old spray paint, which decorates a lawn for around two to three weeks. 

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He was painting between 15 and 20 lawns a week, and raking in some cash, so naturally his little brother, Josh wanted a piece of the action. He told a local news outlet, “He’s making a ton of money, so I thought maybe I could make some money doing it with him.”

Josh’s interest paid off because, in the month of August, the boys brought home $1,000 in profits. This is after they reimburse their dad for supplies and gas (since they’re not old enough to drive yet) and buy him lunch. 

While the lunch is a nice touch, their dad would probably help them out either way. He said, “There’s nothing that makes me more proud than to see my boys out there working hard” and that he thinks “the sky’s the limit” for them now that they’ve come up with such a successful business venture.

LA Lawn Art

The brothers have earned themselves some loyal customers, many of which get a real sense of joy from the artwork on their lawns. One customer said, “It’s been pretty rough months, so this is great actually having this on the yard, and I love it.” 

They don’t have any plans to stop their unique business, because both of the boys seem to be enjoying watching their savings accounts grow. Josh doesn’t have any big plans for his money yet, but Zach is a true sports fan, and he’s stashing his away until the Dodgers play in the world series again. 

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