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15 Translucent Tattoos That Each Tell A Fascinating Story

A two-photo collage. The first is of a tattoo of a person sitting; there’s an overlay of a orange/red cat. The second is of a bird flying away from blue flowers.

There are as many different types of tattoo art as their are artists.

Vasif Daniel Kahraman of Istanbul, Turkey is making waves in the ink world with his innovative form of tattoo artistry. The former graphic designer started drawing at a young age, and his work ranges from cartoonish to what has become his specialty: pellucid tattoos.

1. Pellucid means “transparent,” so the meaning of each tattoo should be instantly understood by anyone who sees it.

2. He uses transparent colors to show, “where I want to be and where I actually am.”

3. Each tattoo is meant to show reality juxtaposed with fantasy.

4. This badger is a king in his own head, for instance.

5. And this boy dreams of being an elephant!

6. His work is a unique mixture of realism and whimsy.

7. When he first transitioned to skin art, Vasif practiced his tattoo work on himself first.

8. These days, he has no shortage of people who want to wear his work forever.

9. It’s difficult to choose a favorite, isn’t it?

10. There’s something so adorable yet poignant about his work.

11. These tattoos have a deeper meaning, yet the art is easy to understand.

12. What little boy hasn’t felt a bit rammy, after all?

13. How adorable!

14. Remember pretending to be a dinosaur when you were a kid? Vasif does!

15. This is artwork we’d love to show off forever.

There are so many interesting kinds of tattoos in the world, but Vasif has created something truly original with his pellucid tats. We love to see it!

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