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15 Surprisingly Satisfying Nature Photos That Prove Simplicity Is Underrated

There’s no doubt that nature is filled with beauty. A simple leaf, cute animal, or odd-shaped rock can provide an interesting perspective.

Need something to help pass the time during your next coffee break? The r/mildlyinteresting subreddit community shares daily “mildly interesting” fun photos to entertain us all. Here’s the top 15 nature-inspired photos that satisfy our interest.

1. These water droplets really stuck their landing on these leaves.

2. “Found a stone with dried seaweed attached to it.”

3. A pink grasshopper? You don’t see these everyday!

4. Things are looking up for this dreamer.

5. This is a two-toned delight!

6. Gorilla Bonsai anyone?

7. The beach can provide a whale of discovery.

8. Choo-Choo! Here comes the caterpillar train.

9. A cat-shaped horizon speaks for itself.

10. Stars are everywhere. Even inside branches.

11. The bigger the blueberry the better.

12. “Came home today and found this bird on my balcony chair fully equipped with nest and egg.”

13. Spots and stripes – the best of both worlds.

14. When you find the perfect size treat made just for you.

15. It’s not often we get to see a LIVE screensaver.

This fun group goes to show that the world is full of amazing wonders, both big and small. All we have to do is stop and take notice!

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