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15 Perfectly Timed Pictures That Went So Terribly Wrong, They’re Now Right

child with water falling over entire head like a hat, couple posing with pigeon flying in front of their faces

These days, everyone has a camera in their pocket… and they’re not afraid to use it!

It stands to reason that the more pictures we take, the better our chances of capturing a scene at just the right moment. These wonderfully timed photos have been circulating the web since its inception, and they honestly never get old. Check out 15 times when pictures went wrong, but in all the best ways.

1. The pride before the fall (of paella). The mom’s face says it all!

2. Let’s hope the bride brought a change of clothes!

3. “A once-in-a-lifetime photograph? Sounds like the perfect time for a fly by!” At least that’s what this pigeon seems to think.

4. We hate to burst his bubble, but….

5. “I had just finished saying ‘I can’t believe she never falls in!'”

6. Just standing there minding his own business, when suddenly….

7. Did that hawk just take our picture?

8. Owl love you forever.

9. That’s no way to usher in another year of living! Total birthday cake fail.

10. Don’t worry! Nobody saw that.

11. Have you ever been this eager for a high five?

12. There, there, dog-man. It’s going to be okay.

13. “Leapin’ lizards!”

14. Step one: Don’t be afraid of the ball. Step two: Ignore step one.

15. This squirrel is actually a tiny wizard who just conjured a peanut. (Hey, it could happen!)

Perfectly timed photos this good are rare, but they rarely disappoint! That’s why the “Perfect Timing” subreddit has more than a million fans who share images that become internet gold over time. You just never know when a casual snapshot could turn into something hilarious.

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