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15 Stunning Horses That Make Us Want A Pony Of Our Own

A black and white horse and their rider leaping over a hurdle. Behind them is a line of trees, a beautiful blue sky, and shrubbery with yellow flowers.

Lots of kids go through a horse phase… but some of us never grow out of it!

There’s something so incredible about horses. They’re versatile working animals who have provided transportation, agricultural assistance, and companionship for generations. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know one of these majestic beasts, you know they’re just as capable of forming deep emotional connections with their humans as dogs or cats. If they weren’t so big and expensive to keep, we’d have an entire herd of them!

1. It’s difficult to take a bad photo of most horses. Take this picture perfect snapshot, for example.

2. Rocco the Welsh stallion is giving us all hair and muscle goals.

3. A horse named Amigo Joe drinks from a crystal-clear pond in the mountains of Montana, and all feels right in the world.

4. Horsemanship is the perfect union of animal and human. Just look at how these two work together to accomplish a goal (and look gorgeous doing it!).

5.  Just a Friesian stallion doing what Friesian stallions do… which is look gorgeous 24/7!

6. Who else wants to fly to Iceland just so they can pet an Icelandic wild horse? We do!

7. This breathtaking animal will make a perfect polo horse for this Reddit user’s family.

8. Welcome to the world, perfect girl! Love the heart on her forehead!

9. We’ve never seen a dark horse with eyes this color – absolutely stunning!

10. “These are my family’s foals this year: Marie, Maxim, Merida, and Memphis.”

11. When you own horses, there’s no shortage of scenic pictures to snap.

12. Black Beauty and Baby Black Beauty, anyone?

13. Just a normal horse in the Mourne Mountains of Northern Ireland being its usual gorgeous self.

14. The braided mane makes her look like a unicorn, minus the horn.

15. Look at the power of this incredible creature! And yet she’s so gentle with her handler.

We don’t know about you, but these photos have really awakened our inner horse nerd. In fact, we think it’s about time to find a farm to explore this weekend!

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