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12-Yr-Old Child Prodigy Blows Passersby Away With Original Ukulele Piece.

feng e

When you think of rock and roll music the ukulele doesn’t immediately come to mind, but child prodigy Feng E is here to change all of that.

Feng E has been playing around his native Taiwan for seven years now, which is especially impressive when you realize he’s only 12 years old. His father gave him his first ukulele when he was just a little guy, urging him to play because his fingers were stiff and they were concerned about his dexterity.


When he was first starting to learn how to write his parents became concerned with how stiffly he held the pencil. The instrument was designed to get him to start moving his fingers rapidly and stretching out the muscles and ligaments. To say that this at-home therapy worked is an understatement! They soon discovered that their son had an innate natural talent that is launching him into stardom with every passing day.


Feng E is no stranger to viral stardom. His cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” put him on the map when he was just 11 years old, and soon he was heading to Los Angeles to appear on national TV shows like Ellen’s as well as continuing as a street performer back home in Taiwan. He now has a manager and is well on his way to becoming a major new voice in contemporary music.


One of Feng E’s YouTube videos he uploaded in 2018 is an even more impressive example of what this kid can do. Not only do his fingers fly across the strings and make unbelievable sound come out of his instrument, but the music he’s performing in a Taiwanese park is an original composition.

The song is called “Silence In The Storm,” and it’s utterly stunning.


Standing in the middle of the park, we’re struck by the fact that other children his age are running around and playing behind him while he studiously plucks at the ukulele’s strings. When he’s not playing we’re sure he’s just a normal kid, but the moment he gets his instrument in his hands it’s like a switch has flipped. This boy is already incredibly professional and focused!

Feng E’s original song is a beautiful mixture of delicate finger work and a more upbeat, pounding tempo. At times the song rocks out like many compositions by his musical icon, Michael Jackson, but at other times it’s as gentle as raindrops falling from a rooftop.


Talent like this does not happen every day, so when we discover someone like Feng E we simply have to sit back and marvel in the sheer genius before our eyes (and ears!). We’re certain that this young man has a successful career path before him, and we can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next.

Watch the video below to hear Feng E’s original composition, and don’t forget to share.

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