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Fences Are No Match For This Suspiciously Cat-Like Jumping Dog!

A man films his dog jumping onto the fence.

You’ve likely seen a dog jump over a fence, but have you ever seen one just… hang out up there? One pooch is confusing their owner by leaping up onto the top of the fence, standing there for a moment, and hopping back down into the yard. There’s also a little climbing involved — something dogs aren’t necessarily known for. We’re not sure if the pup is doing this to get a look at the neighbor’s lawn or just for fun, but either way it’s pretty entertaining!

A video of this canine’s bizarre pastime has been going viral on social media. In the clip, the dog’s owner seems puzzled, but not surprised. Clearly, the pup has done this a few times before!

What’s especially interesting about the footage is how dextrous the animal seems to be. Not only is the dog able to jump very high, but they’re also able to scramble up the wall a little bit in order to reach the top of the fence. What a talented pooch!

While we don’t see dogs doing a lot of climbing, it’s not totally unheard of. In fact, there are even some cases of dogs climbing trees to retrieve toys or catch squirrels, according to Treehugger.

A man films his dog jumping onto the fence.
Screengrab from X

We’re wondering what else this unusually acrobatic pooch could learn to do! After all, dogs have been known to perform some pretty amazing tricks — just ask “America’s Got Talent” winners Adrian Stoica and Hurricane!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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