Bunnies, Puppies, and Chicks, Oh My! These 15 Videos Are So Cute It Hurts.

two bunnies looking adorable while eating flowers

The search for the cutest TikTok content is over, folks! We found it.


Not much is known about the tianyuanmengchong TikTok account, but they’ve racked up over 1.6 million followers in a little over a year. Each of their videos feature an absolutely precious pet from their very own menagerie, from fluffy bunny rabbits to puppies, kittens, ducklings, and even a hedgehog or two. There’s little wonder why each of these videos gets hundreds of thousands, and often millions, of views!

1. This little buff bunny is a frequent star of the show. Just look at him! We can’t decide what’s cuter, that tongue or those feets!

2. Here’s our hero eating strawberries. Adorably, of course.

3. This little guy is just chewing on some greens, hanging in a burrow, and using a carrot as a pillow. As one does.

4. Is this heaven? Because all these cute animals and yummy, all-natural food sure makes it look that way!

5. This simple video of a white rabbit eating wild strawberries has been viewed well over 50 million times.

6. Millions have hit “play” on this cutie nibbling some honeycomb.

7. Here he is just kicking it in his hammock.

8. These two are making short work of a head of lettuce.

9. Remember how we said there are puppies? There are puppies! This one gives an adorable “aroo” before hugging his friend, who happens to be a chicken.

10. What’s cuter than puppies alone? How about a puppy and some ducklings?

11. Eat ALL the strawberries!

12. Here’s our favorite pupper and his hedgehog friend.

13. Somebody got an apple for Christmas. Just what he wanted!

14. Om nom nom….

15. These animals are all living the best life, and we are here for it.

Again, we don’t know where this little slice of heaven is in the world, but we’re very glad we can visit with a few clicks of a mouse or a few taps on a screen.

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