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Feel Old Yet? 7 Early 2000s Wonders That Will Baffle Gen Z

Girl holding vhs tape.

Navigating the maze of modern technology is second-nature for today’s youth. But would they be able to survive a world where social status was determined by your MySpace Top 8?

Let’s hop in our metaphorical time machines and take a trip down memory lane with seven things from the early 2000s that would bewilder the youth of today.

1. Dial-Up Internet made logging on feel like preparing for liftoff.

That screeching sound meant the Internet was coming — eventually.


2. MySpace Top 8 was the Hunger Games of social status.

Thanks to MySpace, your best friends today could be your worst enemies tomorrow. Your “Top 8” were the friends you showcased on your profile, and everyone knew that making or breaking the list was a big deal.


3. Flip phones were the Swiss Army Knives of communication.

Texting was an art form, and T9 was the brush. With only nine number keys for all 26 letters, texting took skill and, often, several keypresses to type a single word.


4. With VHS tapes, rewinding was more than a courtesy, it was law.

You’d get a death glare if you didn’t rewind that Blockbuster rental. Failing to rewind a rental tape was a cardinal sin, and it could even incur extra fees.


5. Walkman CD players turned everyone into a Skip-Hop DJ.

Forget streaming; we had a pocket full of jams that skipped every time we moved. Compact discs made music portable but would skip when jostled, making your jogging playlist a game of chance.


6. AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) was the DM before DMs were cool.

The original DM slide — complete with quirky screen names and away messages.


7. Chain mail was the original clickbait.

Forward or be cursed — a simple choice, really. These emails often came with elaborate PowerPoint slides that guided you through heartwarming stories or terrifying curses, effectively being the clickbait of the early 2000s.


The early 2000s were a wild ride of technological adolescence. It was an era that balanced the line between the analog and digital worlds, shaping the landscape for the technological marvels we see today. So, next time you effortlessly stream a movie or fire off a tweet, just remember the clunky, charming relics that paved the way. Feeling nostalgic yet? Share this article and take your friends on a trip back in time.

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