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25-Yr-Old Artist Captures Every Detail In Exquisite Hyper-Realistic Portraits.

Nigeria-based artist Fatola Israel specializes in the art of the hyper-realistic, creating lifelike portraits that will make you believe you’re looking at a gorgeous photograph.

With a goal to reveal the raw experiences of humanity through his work, the 25-year-old uses exquisite precision to show the viewer every detail of his subjects and provide a clear image of their unique lives.

“My aim as a Visual Artist is to communicate my thought and ideas, portraying the struggles and experiences of Man as a product of the Society,” Fatola wrote. “These numerous and multifaceted struggles in life are in fact used as tools to inspire me to create, serving as an abode for emotional stress and food for the mind.”

Check out some of his sensational masterpieces below, and prepare to have your mind blown!

1. “Time Perspective 02.”

2. “Life On Land.”

3. “The Puzzle Series” – Will Smith.

4. Portrait of a young boy.

5. “Story Of My Life,” a self-portrait.

6. “Eve.”

7. “Adam.”

8. “Family Photo 02.”

9. “Reverie.”

10. “The Legacy Project 003.”

These portraits are as breathtaking as they are intricate! We are absolutely in awe of Fatola’s masterpieces!

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