Fatherless Little Girl Asked To Make A Father’s Day Card, But Teacher Is In Tears When She Reads It.

While some kids are lucky enough to grow up in a two parent household, many others blessed even more by a doubly hard working and loving mom, dad, grandparent or relative to raise them. While in grade school, a young lady named Elizabeth was asked to write a father’s day card, but missed an important part of the instructions. Even so, the final result was just too beautiful. Read below.


While Mrs. Berry stood at the front of the class talking about an assignment, Elizabeth stared dreamily out the window. With fewer than two weeks left in the school year, she couldn’t seem to concentrate.  Visions of swimming, trips to the beach and endless days of pure fun filled her head. Would Mom make us go to that awful camp again this year? Even worse, would she have Mrs. Pulowski, who always smelled of garlic, babysit us again? Elizabeth wrinkled her nose at the thought.

Mrs. Berry’s voice interrupted her daydreaming. “Elizabeth! Perhaps you would care to join the rest of the class?”

Elizabeth snapped to attention and tried to stay focused while Mrs. Berry described the Father’s Day card they were supposed to make. Although Elizabeth’s mom said that most holidays were made up by greeting card companies so they could sell more cards, Elizabeth thought they were more fun than ordinary days.

Mrs. Berry passed out construction paper and pieces of fabric that had been cut unto the shape of neckties. They were supposed to fold the paper in half to make a card, then paste the necktie to the front. She wrote a message that was supposed to go inside on the blackboard. Dutifully, Elizabeth folded her yellow piece of paper in half, but stopped and frowned at the blue necktie-shaped fabric she had been given. Taking her scissors out of her desk, she began to cut the fabric. It was hard because the scissors were so dull, so she struggled for a few minutes, trying to get the right shape. By the time the rest of the class was writing their message on the inside of the cards, Elizabeth was still working on the front of hers, but she didn’t mind. She was almost always among the last to finish. Mrs. Berry said it was because she spent too much time daydreaming.

When Elizabeth finally did look at the message on the board, she noticed something else written next to it. She felt her face grow warm – she hadn’t heard Mrs. Berry’s Explanation that anyone who didn’t have a father could make a card for a grandfather or uncle. She had messed up again. Mrs. Berry was going to be upset.

As her teacher walked up the aisle, Elizabeth tried covering her card with her arm, but Mrs. Berry gently lifted it so that she could read it. Elizabeth sat very still, waiting for her to say something, but when she looked up she saw a tear roll down Mrs. Berry’s face. That’s when she knew she had really messed up. She had never made Mrs. Berry cry before.

When the class was dismissed for the day, Elizabeth waited until all the other kids left so that she could apologize.

“I’m sorry for not listening,” Elizabeth said. “I’ll make another card if you want. I’ll do it at home and bring it in tomorrow. I promise.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Mrs. Berry.

“My Father’s Day card. I know you’re upset because I didn’t do it right.”

“Elizabeth, that was the best card in the whole class. It was so sweet it made me cry.”

“You cried because it was sweet? You really think it was the best one?”

Mrs. Berry just nodded.

Elizabeth was so happy that she ran out of the classroom.

When her mom came home from work that night, Elizabeth decided it would be ok to give her the card early, since it was the best one in the class.

On the front of the card was a drawing of Elizabeth’s mom, with the blue piece of fabric cut out to look like a bow in her hair. Inside the card she had written:

Dear Mom,

I know you work really hard to be both a mommy and a daddy. I wanted to thank you and wish you a Happy Father’s Day.



When her mom read the card she started crying, just like Mrs. Berry had.

“Are you crying because it’s sweet?” asked Elizabeth. Her mom just hugged her and cried some more.

To all the single parents out there, you are loved more than you know.

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