Father Breaks Down When He Realizes His Anonymous Kidney Donor Was Closer To Home Than He Ever Imagined.

A father finds out that his daughter was his kidney donor.

When this father finally matched with a kidney donor, he didn’t think it would be someone he knew. He had no idea that his own daughter was planning to save her dad’s life! A beautiful video on TikTok shows the man’s response to finding out what his child had done for him. There are almost no words to describe the expression on his face.

As his daughter entered the room in a hospital gown, this father was overwhelmed with emotion. On the one hand, he was grateful for his daughter’s love. However, on the other hand, he looked heartbroken that she’d given up her own organ for him.


The reaction of his father when he discovers that his anonymous kidney donor was his daughter 🥺✨

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“I can feel her Dad’s pain,” wrote one commenter. “…What a beautiful daughter.”

Another user shared that they’d been in a similar position to the father’s kidney donor in this viral video.

“I gave one to my mom,” they wrote. “She didn’t want me to but I needed my mom longer.”

A father finds out that his daughter was his kidney donor.
Screengrab from TikTok

It must have been difficult for this loving dad to accept such a big sacrifice from his child. However, it would have been even harder for this daughter to lose her father when becoming his kidney donor could have saved him. These two clearly love each other very much!

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