“I Saw You As A Dad And Always Will.” A Teen’s Heartwarming Texts To Stepdad After Breakup With Mom.

Texts from a teen to their dad. Teen: Honestly I hope you know I saw you as a dad and always will Dad: Just saw this and now I'm in tears

Breakups are almost never easy, even for those not in the relationship themselves. This is especially true for kids of divorced parents. A popular Reddit post shows texts between a teen and her dad who are in this exact situation. Their wholesome conversation is inspiring others who may be going through something similar.

The post comes from a man who is getting a divorce from his wife. Based on what I’ve gathered from this exchange, it seems he has two kids: a 15-year-old stepdaughter and a 2-year-old biological daughter.

Texts to dad from a teen.

Teen: Honestly I hope you know I saw you as a dad and always will

Dad: Just saw this and now I'm in tears

“My wife and I are separating and I leave home tomorrow,” his post reads. “This was a conversation with my 15 year old stepdaughter late tonight.”

Teen’s Texts to Dad Warm Hearts Everywhere

As the above image shows, the conversation starts with the teen sharing how much her stepdad, who she views as just her dad, means to her. Needless to say, the impact this has on him is indescribable.

Texts to dad from a teen.

Dad: Thanks [redacted] that means more than you know. Love you kid, and you'll always have someone in your corner in me. You'll always have someone to turn to without judgement

Okay, well maybe just with less judgement lol

The teen goes on to express her appreciation for the way he’s always joking around with her. She also promises to watch after his 2-year-old whenever she’s at her house.

“Don’t worry, I will look after [her] and make sure she’s always happy,” the teen writes.

Texts to dad from a teen.

Dad: Thanks. She's going to need you. She's going to need someone who is always happy to see her when she here. That's what I always try to be for her

Even if it's a fake smile lol. That's what she needs

Teen: I will always be happy to see her. It may not seem like it but I love her so much

Although the relationship between this teen’s parents didn’t work out, it’s heartwarming to see how much her dad still means to her. It’s even giving folks hope for the future.

“I can only hope and dream that there’s a whole wave of men who can be fathers like this!” one person writes. “Communicative, supportive and open in showing love and emotion. That’s healthy and beautiful and it’s how we heal!”

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