Fashion Designer Transforms Heirloom Wedding Gowns Into Modern Masterpieces.

Mother and daughter model wedding dress redesigned by Lovell Faye

The act of passing a wedding gown through the generations started centuries ago, and it’s still a popular family tradition today. Let’s face it, though; what was fashionable in 1980 might not suit more modern tastes!

In the Dallas, Texas area, brides are flocking to fashion designer Lovell Faye for help putting a more hip twist on their heirloom gowns. Lovell’s specialty is transforming old wedding clothing into new, trendier wedding clothing, and she’s excellent at her craft.

Lovell has been sewing since she was a child, and she went on to earn a degree in textile and apparel management. A college internship with a bridal designer in New York City inspired a new passion for wedding fashion. She adores being a part of someone’s special day, and thrives on the challenge of repurposing old garments into something youthful and vibrant.

Many of Lovell’s designs transform a traditional wedding gown into something totally new, yet strikingly similar, like this incredible pant suit.

“A lot of brides reach out that are like, three-generational dresses,” Lovell told GMA. “Their grandmother wore the dress, their mother wore the dress, and then their aunt wore the dress, and now it’s their dress. I’ve gotten a lot of brides that have came to me where their mother has passed away, and it would mean the world to them if I could incorporate their mother’s wedding dress into their wedding day.”

It’s not just wedding dresses getting a facelift. If there are any bridesmaids’ dresses or other garments available, she can redesign them for the ultimate throwback!

Lovell feels that it’s a tremendous honor to be part of a couple’s big day, and she can’t imagine doing anything else.

“It’s so special, honestly, that these brides are trusting me to help them design something, turning something old into something new,” she said. “And when I get to see the photos, and their reactions, it really, I really felt like I was meant for this.”

This designer has such an incredible gift, and she has discovered a niche that will never go out of style. We wish her all the best as her business continues to bloom.

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