Fascinating Timelapse Shows Braces Straightening Crooked Teeth In Seconds

A set of braces straightening teeth.

People obviously notice a huge difference in their smile before and after straightening their teeth, but since braces work so slowly, we aren’t able to see them in action. However, this incredible video shows us how the process looks sped up! Science girl on X shared the coolest time-lapse footage of braces straightening a set of crooked teeth. After seeing how much these choppers move around, you’ll be glad the procedure takes as long as it does!

As anyone who’s ever had their teeth straightened can tell you, wearing braces isn’t exactly a good time. Not only does it usually hurt quite a bit, but you’re often also not allowed to enjoy certain crunchy or chewy foods throughout the process.

Of course, the set of braces in the time-lapse video is just one of many different ways to straighten teeth. Metal braces are very common, but the Cleveland Clinic tells us that there are a variety of other options out there, including ceramic or invisible ones. Whatever method you choose, the benefits of straightening your teeth with braces extend far beyond cosmetic concerns. This procedure can also help improve speech and prevent cavities!

Teeth before and after being straightened with braces.
Screengrab from X

Dental procedures might not be the most pleasant thing, but they’re pretty important. Of course, if you have the opportunity to visit this dentist, you might actually find yourself having fun!

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