Fans Donate Nearly $50k To Animal Rescue To Honor Jon Stewart’s Late Dog Dipper

Jon Stewart holds his dog, Dipper, close for a hug. The dog buries his face into Stewart's neck and his paw rests on one of his arms like a hug.

Last week, Jon Stewart had sad news to share with The Daily Show audience. His dog of 13 years, Dipper, had passed away. To honor this sweet pup’s life, Stewart took the time to share how Dipper came into his life. He also detailed the impact Dipper had once he officially became a member of the family. Fans from around the world connected with his emotional farewell, prompting them to take action in the best way.

In Stewart’s story, he shared that his family adopted Dipper from a no-kill animal shelter in New York: Animal Haven. In turn, fans from across the country have donated money to the shelter — and they continue to do so.

Tweet from Jon Stewart. It includes a photo of his late dog, Dipper. The dog tilts his head curiously at the camera. The tweet reads:

Holy [redacted] guys!!! Dipper is trending!! I’m bawling…again…thank you so much…

“We’re just shy of $50,000,” Tiffany Lacey, Animal Haven’s executive director, says. “This is a big deal, and it’s unexpected.”

In order for the shelter to house about 100 dogs and cats at the same time, they operate under a budget of about $3 million. Needless to say, every single dollar is vital to ensuring the safety, health, and happiness of the beloved creatures in their care.

Fans Donate Thousands to NYC Animal Shelter in Honor of Jon Stewart’s Late Dog, Dipper

Because these donations are specifically in honor of Dipper, they plan to use the money for their dogs. This works out well because, turns out, they’re the ones who are especially in need right now, noting that many New York shelters are overwhelmed by abandoned dogs.

Considering the fact that Stewart and his family met Dipper while raising money for the shelter, I can only imagine how happy they are with the way folks are supporting them, all in honor of who the late-night host calls “the best” of all the good boys.

“It was love at first sight, I think for both of them,” Lacey says of Stewart and Dipper meeting, adding that this athletic dog was always on the move. “He didn’t need four legs.”

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