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Famous Tortoise Dons Hats When He Strolls Around Town, Stealing Everyone’s Hearts.

A two-photo collage. The first shows a large tortoise named Bon-chan. He is walking down the street wearing a tiny purple hat. The second photo shows Bon-chan walking alongside his owner, Hisao Mitani. A little kid is reaching out to pet the tortoise.

It’s always exciting to spot someone walking their adorable pet around a neighborhood or down the street, but that excitement is ten-fold when Hisao Mitani is seen with his pet tortoise. The two of them first came into each other’s lives when the reptile was small enough to fit in the palm of Hisao’s hand. In the 13 years since, however, Bon-chan has grown to be much larger than expected.

Now 155 pounds and 23 years old, Bon-chan easily grabs the attention of anyone who comes near him as he strolls the streets of Japan. This is especially true on days when the African spurred tortoise dons adorable accessories like hats. People of all ages love to take the time to give him pets or even feed him some yummy food.

“Bon-chan knows the route by heart and is very strong-minded, so it is more me that follows him, than the other way around,” Hisao said. “We walk the neighborhood and we are pretty famous around here.”

Watch Bon-chan and Hisao enjoy a lovely stroll together in the video below.

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