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Family Surprises Ball-Obsessed Doodle With Piñata Full Of His Favorite Toy!

Left image shows a man walking into a house carrying a huge tennis ball pinata. Right image shows a happy golden doodle after opening the pinata and getting a shower of balls.

When you have a dog, you can sense its mood, identify its favorite toys, and keep it happy. Sampson the Dood’s people know he has an obsession with balls. He got a special tennis ball pinata to celebrate his eighth birthday.

When the pinata was first brought into the house, Sampson checked it out but wasn’t sure exactly what he was checking out. It was yellow like his balls, but it was really BIG. The entire pinata was filled with blue and yellow tennis balls.

Left image shows a man entering a house with a tennis ball pinata. Right image shows the man filling the pinata with tennis balls.
Images from Instagram.

Sampson doesn’t have opposable thumbs, so he can’t swing a baseball bat at the pinata. His dog-dad hooked him up with the ball on a string. When pulled hard enough, the pinata breaks open, and the contents spill out. It didn’t take Sampson long to figure out the game and catch the ball.

Left image shows a dog chases a ball on a string. Right image shows the dog trying to catch the ball.
Images from Instagram.

A few seconds of confusion came before unmeasurable excitement as the tennis balls fell from the pinata.

Left image shows the balls beginning to fall from a pinata. Right image shows more balls falling from the pinata. The dog in both images is trying to figure out which ball to play with first.
Images from Instagram.

The tennis ball pinata was a huge success. Sampson was totally surprised, and he played with every single ball. You can watch the entire video on Instagram.

Sampson is very fond of balls of any kind. You may have seen him bouncing around in his ball pit. The Instagram account maintained by his human family includes many videos of him playing in his ball pit and being a happy doggo. If you’re ever in a less-than-great mood, watch Sampson playing. His happy-boi antics will turn the worst mood into laughter in mere seconds.

Goldendoodles seem to stay in the puppy phase their entire life. At eight, Sampson exhibits the energy and demeanor of a much younger dog. If you enjoyed this pinata adventure, please share.

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