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15 Of The Most Precious Pet Pigs To Make You Squeal

a piglet laying its head on someone's hand as they sleep with their tongue out and a woman crying tears of joy as she sits and holds a piglet in her arms

Dogs and cats (understandably) get loads of attention for being adorable companions, but have you ever seen a pig?

Despite their bad rep for being messy and stinky, these squealing creatures are actually quite adorable, whether they’re still a piglet or weigh 600+ pounds. But don’t just take our word for it – check out some of our favorite piggy pictures down below!

1. “Foster kitten and piglet are the best of friends.”

2. He’s smiling for the camera!

3. And now this human must stay completely still in this position until the piglet is ready to do something else. Those are the rules.

4. No matter if it’s a cat blep, a dog blep, or a pig blep, it’s a scientific fact that all bleps are insanely cute.

5. When Steve Jenkins and his partner, Derek, adopted what they thought was a mini pig, they had no idea she’d grow to 650 lbs. But in any case, Esther is a part of their family now and always will be!

6. She’s the only one who’s allowed to hog the fireplace.

7. “My girlfriend is beyond obsessed with mini pigs, but had never met one. That changed today.”

8. Pearl is truly living her best life.

9. Sunbathing may be the only thing on this little piggie’s agenda, but we’re super proud of them nonetheless.

10. Is this the kind of thing that happens when you raise a pig and a cat together?

11. “After waiting 115 days, our little farm girl woke to brand new KuneKune piglets!”

12. Is this the little piggie who stayed home?

13. “Pigs are known for being very sociable and intelligent, and this is especially the case for Vietnamese potbellied pigs (pictured on left with a family of pups).”

14. Looks like she’s having sweet piglet dreams!

15. That unicorn dress? The pink hooves? What an absolute icon.

As adorable as pigs are, like any other pet, giving them the happy life they deserve takes a lot of time and work. In other words, they’re definitely not for everyone. But that’s okay because thankfully there are plenty of precious pigs for us all to appreciate online!

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