Family Finds Out Their Child Is Cancer-Free In Surprise Announcement.

A boy finds out he's cancer-free on an airplane.

One family just received the best possible news in the most creative way! While traveling to one of Disney’s parks, a boy named Jacob heard his named called during the pilot’s announcement. Apparently, Make-A-Wish had reached out to the airline to inform them that the young man was no longer eligible to receive a wish. At first, this sounded like bad news. However, there was more to this plane cancer announcement!

“You’re still gonna go to Disney,” the pilot reassured him. “But, according to your most recent exam, Jacob, you have many more years to take all the trips you could ever dream of.”

A boy finds out he's cancer-free on an airplane.
Screengrab from @bestindid/TikTok

Next, the announcement directed Jacob to turn around. In the row behind him, several passengers were holding up colorful signs that read, “You are cancer-free!” His family’s reaction was pricess. As they gathered the boy into a tight hug, the rest of the plane erupted into cheers!

Watch the video below to see this family’s response to the life-changing news. I’m sure we don’t need to tell you, but grab your tissues! Tune into this plane’s pilot and their important cancer announcement for this special passenger.

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