Baby’s Relatable Reaction To First-Ever Bite Of Pizza.

Left image shows a toddler taking a first bite of pizza. Right frame shows the toddler with a pleasantly shocked face.

Many folks don’t remember the first time they tried a particular food. Parents begin offering “big people food” to toddlers when the little tykes master chewing and swallowing with their new teeth. Most families enjoy pizza. I must have had a sorely lacking childhood because I never had pizza until college. That’s a story for a different day. Let’s get back to our toddler eating pizza.


The scene opens with our presumably fussy toddler crying slightly. Mom begins with, “You want some pizza?” The child is probably not entirely understanding what pizza is. The mom gently holds out a piece, carefully placing her fingers to limit the bite size. The toddler is ready to eat pizza. That first tentative bite happens slowly, and then the chewing begins.

Two frames of a toddler eating pizza. Images show the tentative first bite.
Image from X (Twitter).

Chewing continues, seemingly with the experienced palate of a food critic. The expressions that cross this child’s face are more mature than the physical age alludes to.

Two frames that show a toddler tasting pizza for the first time.
Image from X (Twitter).

And then it hits, like a tiny explosion in the mouth … Whoa!

Toddler has a surprised expression after eating pizza for the first time.
Image from X (Twitter).

What is this fantastic delicacy? Such a tantalizing flavor array! But our toddler was still expressing their pleasure in eating pizza. We’re pretty sure Nirvana was achieved.

The bite of pizza must have tasted really good because the child's eyes rolled back and she looks like she has achieved Nirvana.
Image from X (Twitter).

We’re going out on a limb here and thinking this child just developed a lifelong preference for pizza. Watch the clip below. Share this moment with your friends if you enjoyed watching this toddler eating pizza.

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