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Dogs Could Live Longer Thanks To This Revolutionary New Medicine.

Bernese Mountain Dog in left frame and Collie in right frame.

For many of us, our pets are like family members. Giving them a longer life can be a dream come true for them and us. A new drug, LOY-001, is beginning the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval process. It is currently expected to be available on the market in 2026. However, you should understand a few things about this new drug that may help dogs live longer.

Bernese Mountain Dog
Image from Flickr.

1. It Is Designed To Help Big Dogs Live Longer.

Because big dogs have shorter life spans, LOY-001 targets larger breeds to extend their lives beyond the average expectancy. Large dogs have an average lifespan of 7-8 years, while smaller dogs can live almost twice as long.

2. The Drug Is Administered As A Shot

When it becomes available, the drug will be a long-lasting injection administered by a veterinarian. Don’t panic; the predicted interval will be every three to six months.

Red Belton English Setter
Image from Pexels.

3. How LOY-001 Works To Help Big Dogs Live Longer

Insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1) is a hormone that may cause dogs to grow old faster. By interacting with IGF-1, LOY-001 works to lower insulin levels, creating an avenue to help dogs live longer. IGF-1 is a naturally occurring hormone, and large dogs have higher levels. Reducing IGF-1 can result in an extended life for large-breed dogs.

4. Side Effects Are Minimal

As with any drug, there may be side effects. In early testing of LOY-001, the side effects included temporary, mild gastrointestinal distress.

Cane Corso is one of the breeds targeted by new technology to help dogs live longer.
Image from Flickr.

5. Why The FDA Approval Takes So Long

Preliminary data from manufacturer testing is presented to the FDA. Following an in-depth examination of the presented evidence, the FDA determines validity. If they determine that initial studies show a viable use for a drug and potential effectiveness.

Loyal, the manufacturer of LOY-001, recently received the go-ahead to begin a full-scale clinical trial. Following that study, the FDA will again review the results, including all safety and manufacturing information. At this point, Loyal is predicting conditional FDA approval by 2026.

Wolfhounds are a large breed targeted by new drug that may help dogs live longer.
Image from Wikimedia Commons.

What Else Does Loyal Have In The Works To Help Dogs Live Longer?

In addition to LOY-001, Loyal is also working on other products to extend your pet’s lifespan. LOY-002 targets support for healthy aging for older dogs. This product will be a prescription pill. Although still primarily for large older dogs, it will also be available for older dogs of almost every breed, including some of the smaller breeds. LOY-002 is currently in the process of the STAY study. This is the most extensive clinical study on record. You can see if your dog qualifies to participate. The expected availability date for LOY-002 is 2025.

LOY-003 follows suit in providing a way to help dogs live longer. This version works similarly to LOY-001 by targeting interaction with IGF-1. It is a pill that your veterinarian can prescribe once Loyal receives approval from the FDA for final or conditional use. The expected launch date is 2026.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

When you have a loyal friend, it is natural to want the best for them. We often see pet owners who go the extra mile to ensure their pet has a better quality of life. Whether you are forcing your stubborn rottweiler to take a daily pill, constructing a doggie stairlift, or building a ramp to nowhere to give your dog easy access to the yard. Pet owners express their love for these family members every day. Follow the development of these Loyal products that may help dogs live longer.

If you have friends or family with big dogs, share this exciting development with them!

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