Family Brings Dog To Emergency Vet For “Ticks,” Gets Hilarious Wake-Up Call Instead.

dog with funny caption

This couple brought their dog to the emergency vet, thinking he had been overrun with ticks. However, what they learned was that he didn’t have ticks at all… he just had dog nipples!


Some of the most hilarious misunderstandings happen when you think there’s a crisis. When you’re moving fast, it’s easy to overlook things… like basic anatomy!

This mix-up is seriously hilarious. This dog had the audacity to have nipples instead of ticks! How dare he!

The video has gone completely viral, and folks are flooding the comment section with jokes.

“I took our dog to the emergency vet thinking they were throwing up handfuls of worms. Turns out it was spaghetti noodles he dug out of the trash,” lamented one fan, finding this content very relatable.

“As a vet tech… this happens all the time don’t worry,” commented another viewer. Dog ticks are easily mixed up with nipples, it seems.

person laughing with funny caption
This image is from TikTok.

At least this family had a good sense of humor about the dog tick and nipple mix-up. Despite the stress of bringing a pup to the emergency vet, they were quickly able to laugh it off and learn something new!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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