15 False Alarm Vet Visits That Will Have You Howling

two-photo collage. on the left there is a tweet that says: Took Goblin to the vet the day after she got spayed because she was walking funny and I was worried they’d nicked her spine or something during surgery. Turned out she was walking like that because she didn’t like the t-shirt I put on her to stop her licking her from wound. On the right there is a tweet that says: Once had an emergency call out vet bill to find out my horse had decided to be afraid of the ground.

Yes, having a pet is wonderful! But every pet owner knows that it is not all fun and games.

Just like humans, animals also get sick and have health emergencies, which sometimes can result in a visit to the emergency vet. However, one of the differences between humans and animals is that our pets can’t express with words what exactly is wrong with them. Therefore, our job as their “parents” is to pretty much not take any chances and take them to the vet as soon as we notice there might be something wrong – but this is when it gets tricky!

There are times when those “emergencies” are false alarms and the visit to the emergency vet was completely unnecessary.

Twitter user Kristin Chirico recently had to learn this the hard way when she took her dog to the vet. For this reason, she started a hilarious Twitter thread to learn about other pet parents’ ridiculous reasons why they’ve had to pay hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars after visiting the emergency vet room.

Here are some of the funniest responses, starting with one of Kristin’s of course.

1. To be fair, that sounds like the equivalent of stepping in a puddle with socks on.

2. In her defense, we don’t think anyone would like the taste of a bug.

3. And the Drama King award goes to…

4. We hope this cat helped unbox everything to make up for those $500.

5. Maybe he watched “The Floor Is Lava”?

6. Sometimes you got to wait for the right moment, and this dog knows that.

7. The “happy tail syndrome” seems like one of those times when you smile so hard that your face hurts.

8. Well at least it seems like he is not proud of it.

9. In his defense, no one likes to be left out.

10. Well, his technique clearly worked!

11. Vacation hangover is real.

12. This is the sweetest solution we’ve ever seen. Restaurants should have doggy high chairs, too!

13. Goblin deserves to go on a shopping spree!

14. She just wanted to go on vacation with them!

15. Precious knows the importance of staying hydrated.

These pet owners show us that not all emergencies are what they seem. Sometimes animals’ tails are just too happy, and other times they just want an invitation to go on vacation.

But hey, why take a chance… right?

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