Family Brings 13-Yr-Old To Adopt A Kitten, She Adopts The Oldest Cat At The Shelter

A teen lays on her stomach next to her old cat. Together, they look at the teen's open textbook and notes.

As any pet owner will attest, you can never know what four-legged friend will capture your heart. When Magnolia Jean took her 13-year-old daughter to a humane society, she was sure she’d want to adopt a kitten. But those plans quickly changed when the shelter introduced them to a 14 year old, making her quite an old cat. In fact, she was the oldest one at the shelter.

But the age of the feline didn’t matter to this kiddo. She had fallen in love with her new friend, and that was that. Now, three years have passed, and the two of them are as inseparable as ever. Magnolia even shared a video of them hanging out while the now 16 year old studies, and it’s so sweet!

Teen Instantly Bonds With Old Shelter Cat

@mycrazylife707 Be still my heart, these two and their incredible bond ♥️ #seniorcat #rescuecat #nora #teenager #mydaughter #sweetgirl #rescue #crazycatladyinthemaking #crazycatlady #oldcat #sweet ♬ Somewhere only we know cover – Sofía

“Be still my heart,” Magnolia writes. “These two and their incredible bond.”

People adore the way the cat intently looks at the teen’s papers, almost as if she, too, is studying for an upcoming test. Luckily for her, she’s just a study buddy!

“This the new math, huh?” one commenter jokingly writes as if speaking for the cat. “Not how it used to be.”

A teen smiles at the camera as her cat concentrates on the pen she's holding on the floor.

Others can’t get over the special bond that happens between a human and their cat, especially those who have senior cats of their own.

“I adopted a senior cat and she gave me the best 5 years ever!” one person shares. “Miss her everyday. Adopt senior cats!!!!”

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