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Mom Sees Son Doing Tiny Circles In Toy Car — Bursts Out Laughing When She Sees Why.

Under normal circumstances, falling asleep at the wheel is not an amusing event.

Usually, when you hear about this sort of thing happening there’s a tragic ending to the story. Yet, in this particular case, when a mother in Griffith, Australia, saw someone asleep while driving, she couldn’t stop laughing.

The mom was hanging out in her yard with her infant son, Huey, when she saw something that made her crack up. Huey, who had been driving around the driveway in his adorable electric toy car, was spinning around in lazy circles.


Curious, Huey’s mom approached the car and peered inside. Little Huey was still sitting there, but he seemed a bit slumped over.

When she stepped closer to see why Huey’s driving had suddenly become so odd, she burst out laughing.


Huey wasn’t driving at all; he’d completely passed out behind the wheel!

Naturally, mom did what any good parent does in today’s day and age – she grabbed her cellphone and started recording video.


Eventually, Dad heard all the commotion and started to intervene, but he, too, couldn’t get over how silly the whole scene was.

This is definitely the sweetest, happiest case of “falling asleep at the wheel” we’ve ever seen. This little guy might want to quit hitting the “bottle” before getting in the driver’s seat!

Watch the cute video below, and don’t forget to share with anyone who could use a laugh today.

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