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15 Counselor-Approved Messages To Help You Conquer The Week Ahead

headshot of faith broussard cade smiling and an image of one of her self-care affirmation notes she posts on her instagram

Almost three years ago, school counselor Faith Broussard Cade was hit from behind in a motorcycle accident on her way to work. She received a concussion and a traumatic brain injury, making her road to recovery an uphill battle.

Along her journey, she began challenging herself to write one self-care note to herself every day, which she would post on Instagram to keep herself accountable. Soon enough, her account reached over 200,000 followers, and she began receiving hundreds of comments and messages from people struggling with their own issues. We’ve collected some of our favorite uplifting messages from her page for you below, because we could all use a pick-me-up to make it through the hard weeks.

1. Be kind to yourself.

2. You don’t need permission to follow your dreams.

3. Don’t be a thief of your own joy.

4. Feelings aren’t right. Feelings aren’t wrong. Feelings just are.

5. There isn’t a race. Slow down and take everything one step at a time.

6. The best person you could ever be is yourself.

7. We’ve got this.

8. Needing help isn’t a sign of weakness.

9. Focusing on tomorrow only ruins the here and now.

10. Never feel ashamed for having much-needed “me” time.

11. Stop undervaluing what you can bring to the table.

12. You deserve to love yourself.

13. You are capable.

14. No one is entitled to your time.

15. You can’t avoid painful experiences, but you can and will make it through.

Sometimes reaching out to get proper mental health care can be scary or simply too expensive. That’s why Faith has made it her goal to help those in need of “advice, support, compassion, and empathy” for free, no matter where they are on their own personal journey. Thank you, Faith! Communities like the ones you’ve built are a testament to the fact that no one is ever truly alone.

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