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Fabric Dances Through Air In Mesmerizing “Air Fountains” By Brooklyn Artist.

Kinetic Air Fountain showing streaming materials on a column of air.

To appreciate the air fountain art of Daniel Wurtzel, you need no formal education or understanding of art. You only need your eyes. One look at the endless flowing of the fabrics in his kinetic sculptures will leave you mesmerized. With simple materials and some technology, Daniel has captured the wonder of dancing flames, waterfalls, falling leaves, and all of nature’s beauty.

The air fountains work by funneling air around a circular platform. With airflow around the entire 360-degree surface, an upward draft is formed. The lightweight fabrics drift up on the column of air. Once they reach the summit, they freely drift back down, creating a weaving pattern of astonishing beauty.

Two images of the air fountain displaying the variation in drifting material.
Image from YouTube.

Daniel has the heart of an artist. After studying architecture, he realized that life behind a desk was not for him. The Brooklyn-based artist learned everything he could about different materials. His journey even included a ten-year stint using a chainsaw to carve sculptures from tree trunks. After using almost every imaginable material, Daniel found something that fascinated him.

A leaf drifting above an air grate for the subway system, suspended on nothing. The leaf, of course, was being held aloft by the air from the subway grate. Daniel became fixated on the simple beauty of the floating leaf and later developed the air fountain.

Air fountain pictured from above showing flowing material over the circular base.
Image from YouTube.

Daniel’s air fountains are located around the world. Some are permanent displays, and some are traveling exhibits. The free-flowing beauty of the lightweight cloths floating upon the column of unseen air is truly captivating. Like the dancing flames of a fire, the sight will trap your eyes and make it difficult to look away. The sheer material never repeats the same pattern but always swirls masterfully.

By adjusting the airflow, the fabrics can be manipulated to make the materials dance majestically. When set to music, the effect of a moving air fountain is beyond amazing.

Enjoy a video of the art display here:

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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