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9-Yr-Old Dances Her Way To International Stardom With Unforgettable Freestyle Moves.

Nine-year-old Miyu Ananthamaya Pranoto looks stoic as she dances on stage with two young men dancing behind her.

At only 9-years-old, Miyu Ananthamaya Pranoto is showing other girls her age that they’re capable of achieving so much more than they may realize. When she discovered her love for the Korean boy band BTS, she also uncovered a passion for dance. Inspired by her favorite member, Jimin, and the choreography for their hit song “Idol,” Miyu became determined to learn how to dance.

When Miyu sets her mind to something, she’s sure to make it happen. That is evident by just how successful she’s been on her dance journey. In a short amount of time, she’s taken by storm not only her home country of Indonesia but the whole world.

Miyu Ananthamaya Pranoto, 9 years old, is focused as she stands with other young girls who are dancing. It seems they are in class.

Miyu first caught people’s attention at the Summer Jam Dance Camp in Da Nang. Overnight, she grew a massive following of fans. Her dance mentor, Semmy Blank, couldn’t be more proud.

“It’s not hard for me to teach a person like Miyu,” Semmy said. “Compared to adults, I think she really can top them as a freestyler and her skills improve really fast in terms of foundation, technique and musicality.”

A recent competition in Vietnam, which was international, may just be her biggest one yet. Here, she proved herself to be a crowd favorite. This performance garnered over 45 million views on YouTube.

@rfjamsummerjam Lil’ Miyu from Indonesia! Check that energy 🔥 #radikalforzejam #rfjam ♬ original sound – RF JAM ( RADIKAL FORZE JAM )

Although it’s not common for girls in Indonesia to take a path like Miyu’s, her parents have her full support.

“Miyu’s dream is our dream,” Rizky Mellissa, her mom said. “Whatever her goal is, it is also our goal in life.”

Miyu loves to get creative in all sorts of ways outside of dance. She also takes piano and voice lessons. Plus, she recently picked up drawing as a hobby. That might sound like a lot for such a young girl to balance, but her parents are there to watch her back.

@globaldancesupreme Lil Miyu killing it at Antony Lee' Master Class #workshop #summerjamdancecamp #miyu #hiphop #dance #fyp ♬ original sound – Global Dance Supreme

“After school, straight to piano lessons,” Rizky said. “Tomorrow, she has singing lessons and then dance practice with her crew. Our job as parents is to find a balance so she doesn’t get burnt out.”

It’s clear that, at 9-years-old, Miyu is already a multi-talented person. But her favorite form of creative expression by far is dance. In fact, she hopes to be a professional dancer one day along with a teacher for “dance idols.” Her favorite style of dance? Freestyle.

Nine-year-old Miyu Ananthamaya Pranoto looks stoic as she dances on stage with two young men dancing behind her.

“It’s more free than choreography too so it’s not so much thinking exactly, it’s just like freedom,” she said.

Miyu’s dance career is just getting started! We can’t wait to witness her exciting journey that will no doubt inspire countless other girls to follow in her footsteps.

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