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Extremely Rare White Orca Spotted By Whale Watchers. “That Was A SIGHT.”

Whale watchers spotted a rare white orca.

A lucky group of whale watchers got the experience of a lifetime last Sunday while traveling out of Monterey Bay, California. Not only were the boaters visited by a family of killer whales, but they also recognized a very special orca in their midst whose reputation precedes them. Frosty, labeled whale CA216C1 by the California Killer Whale Project, is something of a celebrity amongst marine life enthusiasts. That’s because, while most orcas share the same black-and-white color pattern, Frosty is all-white!

During the incredible encounter, one Monterey Bay Whale Watcher was able to capture drone footage of the rare white whale swimming with their pod. Evan Brodsky shared the video on Facebook, where viewers were captivated by the scene.

Whale watchers spotted a rare white orca.
Screengrab from ViralHog/YouTube

“That was a SIGHT for sure!” commented one user.

How did Frosty become the white whale of the family? According to USA Today, Monterey Bay Whale Watch believes the orca’s coloring could be the result of one of two conditions: leucism or Chediak-Higashi Syndrome. Both of these can cause a lack of pigmentation.

Watch the video below to see the spectacular white orca!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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