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“Everyone Needs It.” Homeless Man’s Unexpected Response To Help Inspires 1000s.

Some people are so pure of heart that they constantly count their blessings, even when those blessings are few and far between.

There are thousands of people experiencing homelessness on the streets of Beirut, Lebanon. A group called Plan LB aims to spread joy and good fortune to those who need it, often seeking out strangers and handing them cash, food, and other necessities. Recently, they encountered a homeless man named Mounir.

When Plan LB representatives approached Mounir, he was lying despondently on a pile of dirty clothing. They hold out a wad of cash, telling him people love him and want him to have this money to help his situation. Mounir’s reaction is incredible; instead of grabbing the cash, he immediately demurs.

“Maybe there’s someone who needs it more,” he says pleadingly.

Then he offers up suggestions for others who are less fortunate than he, including “families,” “poor people,” and “orphans.” He was so adamant that other people could use the money more that Plan LB decided to take their charity efforts even further!

After sharing his video on social media, the public demanded an update on Mounir’s situation. Plan LB shared that they had gone back to Mounir with more money, and the man had the same kind reaction as their first encounter. His first thought is always of others!


Reply to @d.kharaz Special thanks to @dr hayat manasfi ❤️طب اطفال for everything she’s done

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In their video update, Plan LB shared that Mounir was worried about thieves taking his money, so he asked them to keep it safe for him. They obliged, taking their charity even further! Within two days they had located a home for Mounir.

“You bought me a barber, food and drink, comfort,” Mounir says in the video. “May god make it easier for everyone. Everyone needs it.”

In a third follow-up video, Mounir gets a much-needed shower, new clothes, and good food. He looks and feels like a new man, but as always, his thoughts are for others.

“May god bless everyone watching or hearing this,” he says happily.

What a beautiful soul! Mounir has struck a chord in the hearts of all who watch his videos. We wish him the best and hope this help has gotten him back on his feet.

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