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Ever Wonder How Everyday Items Are Made? These Mesmerizing Videos Will Show You!

pasta making machine and soda canning machine

Fair warning: The videos we’re about to show you are incredibly addictive!

Introducing the “How Things Are Manufactured” Twitter page, an account where one little click sent us down a 45-minute rabbit hole we had no desire to leave. This page consists of videos mostly under a minute that show how everyday objects are made. We never even wondered how most of these items came to be, but now that we know, we’re fascinated!

1. Over 362,000 people follow this account on Twitter for videos like this one, which shows how chocolate is made from cocoa to consumption.

2. Check out this machine that somehow knows the difference between a good tomato and a bad one. How?!

3. We never once thought about how they change the bulbs in those tall lights… but now we know!

4. Some of these machines are positively mesmerizing to watch.

5. Unless you’re a farmer yourself, you wouldn’t know how corn is harvested!

6. Green screens may be old news in movie-making, but they’re still pretty magical to see in use.

7. It takes a complicated machine to make a simple item.

8. We didn’t even know this existed, let alone wondered how it worked.

9. Next time you see an old globe, you’ll picture this video in your head.

10. Sometimes handmade is the only way.

11. Even a simple chain link fence is anything but easy to make.

12. There’s something so satisfying about watching a machine make pasta.

13. How does any of the liquid stay in the can?

14. Oh so that’s how they moved around in those things!

15. We just love the way it pops at the end.

We learned so much from perusing this page! Human innovation truly is remarkable.

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