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16-Yr-Old’s Mind-Bending Dance Solo Has Both Judges & Viewers Gasping.

If you’re like most people, something as simple as getting out of bed in the morning is met with creaky knees, and every trip to the gym is a painful reminder of how out of shape you’ve gotten. We’ve all been there.

Well, except for young dancer Eva Igo from Minnesota. The fact that we’re barely functional on our best days makes what she’s able to do even more incredible.

This 16-year-old phenomenon first grabbed the country’s attention on the show “World of Dance” in 2017 and her career has been on the up and up ever since for reasons that are about to become pretty obvious to you.

When she performed her mind-bending solo routine to “River” by Bishop Briggs for the show’s qualifying round last year, fans couldn’t believe what they were seeing.


Did you see that?! And it only got more amazing from there. The strength she displayed throughout the routine is really crazy to think about. If you’ve ever done yoga and struggled to hold up your own body weight for one minute, then you can appreciate how difficult something like this would be.


Throughout the piece, you can hear audience members cheer her on and gasp at the choreography. Even though she was carrying out incredibly difficult movements, she still remembered to convey a lot of depth and emotion in her face and body language.


She remained a favorite throughout the season and ended up taking second place, although many still believe that she should’ve taken the grand prize. Fortunately, the show opened up a ton of opportunities for her and she’s since gone on to create a clothing line with Five Dancewear.

Her dancing schedule has even been so busy that she’s had to start taking online classes to finish high school!

Check out the entire performance below and share it with your friends once you pick your jaw up off the floor.

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