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European Starling Mimics Human Speech, Whistling, And Even R2D2 In Remarkable Video.

Close up of a European starling resting on a human's hand. Text on the image indicates the bird talking: Who's my precious?

There’s nothing quite like the peaceful sound of birds chirping. But if you happen to come across a European starling, you just might think that a human is nearby! This particular type of bird is especially skilled at mimicking human voices. According to this Instagram post, a huge reason why they’re able to do this is because the birds’ vocal apparatus is so complex.

Still, reading about this fascinating bird is much different than actually listening to one chat. That’s why the video below has well over a million likes — to watch this talkative bird in real life feels like watching a scene from a movie!

Watch This European Starling Chat Away Like a Human (and Robot)

The talkative bird, who seems to be nicknamed Jabby Bird, couldn’t be more adorable as he copies his human who starts the conversation by saying, “Gonna give him a kiss.”

As the conversation continues, the bird’s owner tries to get him to say something new. Instead, this intelligent bird decides to shake things up by perfectly mimicking R2D2 from Star Wars. Seriously, how is that even possible!?

View of a European starling resting on an object outside. The bird is looking to the side. Their feathers are dark overall but have subtle, vibrant shades of purple and green in it, too.
Wikimedia Commons

“Y’all, we are too chill about the fact that birds can literally talk,” one person writes in the comment section.

In addition to a complex vocal apparatus, the European starling also chats away because it’s a curious and social bird. That’s right — they simply enjoy talking to us! And, if you ask some folks, we might not be the ones training them…

“She’s mimicking that bird almost perfectly,” one person jokes. “It’s incredible.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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