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Entire School Bus Cheers On “Fastest Kid Alive” As He Races Home.

kid running down street

This kid has a reputation for being the fastest alive, and the entire bus cheers him every day as he races home! It could not be cuter.

Xavier is a kindergarten student who boasts the record for “fastest kid alive.” While the Guinness Book of World Records hasn’t proved it… he does seem pretty quick!

kids looking out a school bus
This image is from TikTok.

Each day the entire school bus races to the window and cheers him on as this fast kid gets himself home. All the kids are so excited.

Over a million people have liked the clip of Xavier running faster than the speed of light. The general consensus is that he’s a pretty impressive little dude!

“And when he’s running in the Olympics he’ll still hear those little voices cheering him on,” commented one fan, foreseeing a future full of speedy achievements.

“I love that the bus driver sits and waits and lets the kids hang out the window to cheer him on,” noticed another fan.

“I meannn that was pretty fast! And I’m sure the support helped,” said another viewer.

Check out the clip of the bus cheering on the fastest kid alive below. You’ll have to watch closely because this boy moves so quickly!


Xavier is a Kindergarten student that wants to be the fasted kid alive! Everyday on our bus. When I get to his stop, all the kids run to one side of the bus to cheer him on! #heartwarming #louisiana #busdrivers #fyp

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The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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