Enormous Pet Pig Gets Adorable Case Of The Zoomies!

This pet pig got the zoomies during his walk.

Charlie might be a pet pig (and a big one, at that!), but sometimes he’s been known to act like a dog. Recently, his owner, Orville Lee, shared a video from one of their outdoor walks, during which the pig was on a secure leash. However, that didn’t stop Charlie from getting a case of the zoomies. He started to jump and run around excitedly, so his human decided to play along!


“I’m gonna get you!” joked Orville as he chased Charlie around.

Finally, the large pig rolled over for a belly rub, which his owner was more than happy to give. People in the comments were delighted by the adorable animal!

“HE’S LIKE A BIG PUPPY,” wrote one user.

Watch the video below to see Charlie get the zoomies out of his system!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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