Employees Prove Home Depot Is Where The Heart Is With Mission To Return Lost Money.

Adam Adkisson Stands in Aisle 22 to Show Where the Envelope of Money Was Located. He Faces the Camera and Wears an Orange Home Depot Apron.

“Doing The Right Thing.” This is just one of the core values espoused by The Home Depot and their staff. In fact, employees wear a store uniform with these precise words written on the front of the apron. But when push comes to shove, do workers really step up to do the right thing for customers?

In a word… YES! Even when nobody’s looking.

Recently, Adam Adkisson was working his shift at the Bellevue location of The Home Depot when he discovered a small envelope in Aisle 22.

“I didn’t think anything of it at first,” said Adam. “I thought it was empty, but I thought I’d go back and make sure and when I picked it up, I could feel that I had stuff in it. It had money.”

The exact amount of cash totaled $700! Surely someone was now scrambling to recover their lost envelope.

Adam didn’t hesitate to hand over the envelope (along with its contents) to management. And, as they say, one good turn deserves another.

“I was the closing manager that night,” said Alissa Rocchi. ” … I noticed it was still here. I thought to myself oh my goodness he or she didn’t know they even lost it here. It was just sad at that point.”

“I was the closing manager that night and I noticed it was still here,” said Alissa Rocchi. “I thought to myself oh my goodness he or she didn’t know they even lost it here. It was just sad at that point.”

Like Adam, Alissa wasted no time before taking action to locate the rightful owner. She soon posted a message on Facebook containing a basic description. With any luck, this person would notice the post and come back to reclaim their money.

But first, another good Samaritan stepped up.

“I got a message from a gentleman by the name of Mark who said, ‘That’s my partner’s. It’s his money. He lost it. He is panicking.'” Alissa recalled.

Mark filled in the missing details to identify the envelope and quickly informed his business partner, Johnathon Clayton. Johnathon was relieved to hear that his money had been found. What would his little ones do without presents on Christmas morning?

“I was stressing over it pretty bad,” explained Johnathon. “So, I am glad that he is a social media guy and was able to see that because I would never have seen it.”

In order to thank Adam for finding the lost envelope and turning it over, Johnathon met with him in person and brought a small gift — a rare kindness that exemplifies the spirit of giving.

Apparently, this The Home Depot is all heart. Because one person decided to do the right thing, others followed suit. A chain of positive events was then set in motion. Each of the players in our story chose to give instead of to receive. And we think that’s pretty inspiring!

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