Mom Tears Up When She Finds Dolls That Look Like Her Son With Down Syndrome.

Companies have been stepping up to create more inclusive products over the past few years, and Kmart Australia is one of them.

Brodee, a mom from New South Wales, couldn’t be more impressed with the retailer’s ever-expanding line of diverse toys. She has always dreamed of giving her 3-year-old son Elijah, who has Down syndrome, a doll that looks just like him, and in November, she finally got her chance!

Kmart recently unveiled a new addition to its toy collection: dolls with Down syndrome. When Brodee got word, she rushed out to buy a couple for Elijah — and got emotional at the sight of them.

“As soon as I saw these dolls, I became teary,” she said. “I felt such pride in Kmart for doing this, as I have the last few months after the release of different types of inclusive dolls and toys.”

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And she isn’t the only parent who’s over the moon! “I’ve had so many moms tell me how badly their kids want one of these dolls and tell me how beautiful they are too. Just makes my heart so warm and happy!” Brodee said.

I’m hoping these dolls sitting beside everyday ‘typical’ dolls on the shelves will show children that we’re all the same, no matter disability, skin color, or even hair — we’re all the same but different in our own ways.

As for Elijah, he couldn’t be happier seeing his adorable face reflected in his new favorite toys!

Now he and his little friends do everything together, from cuddling on the couch to zooming down slides.

Thank you, Kmart, for giving this cutie the representation he deserves! These dolls are now available for $15 in Kmart’s Australia and New Zealand stores, so if you live in either location, be sure to check them out.

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