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Elderly Dog Surrendered To Shelter Is Now Getting Spoiled Rotten — As She Deserves!

Not everyone treats their pets with the love and dignity they deserve, which is why so many wonderful folks dedicate their lives to helping animals whose humans have let them down.

Lauren Siler and Lisa Flores are best friends and roommates in Texas. The pair sometimes foster homeless animals, taking particular interest in older or injured pets that no one else wants to take in. That’s why the moment they saw a 19-year-old Labrador mix named Annie on the Dallas Animal Services Instagram page, they knew they had to help.

Annie had been surrendered by her owners because she was so old and feeble. She didn’t eat much and had trouble walking, and the vet estimated she’d only live for another month. Undeterred, Lauren and Lisa took Annie in and started lavishing her with love, affection, and unlimited toys and treats.

The Pawerful Rescue of Royse City, Texas worked with the roommates to supply all of Annie’s food and medical needs. They also counseled them on fostering elderly and hospice pets, warning them not to get too attached as their life expectancy isn’t very long. Lauren and Lisa felt they were strong enough to take on the challenge while showing Annie what a loving home really feels like.

“In the beginning, we were just excited to love on her and have her,” Lisa recalled. “So we didn’t really think much about how hard it would be to let her go. I think we are just really focusing on the joy that she was bringing us at the time and just us enjoying loving on her and giving her all of these great experiences.â€

In order to make the most of her remaining days, Lisa and Lauren started bucket list for Annie. They share these experiences on their Instagram page and have gained a devoted following. In recent months, they’ve given Annie a birthday party, let her paint a few pictures (her favorite activity!), had Christmas in July, and have gone on a hamburger tour.

Now, their Instagram fans often suggest new items for the list, because Annie is still going strong four months after joining Lisa and Lauren’s pack. The friends have added to that pack recently, too. Lisa and Lauren took in an 18-month-old male black lab called Tippy, who is a hospice case.

“I think Annie requested a boyfriend,” Lauren laughed. “I think that’s on her bucket list.”

Lauren and Lisa hope people who hear about Annie and Tippy will realize how much love these older pets still have left to give. Animals aren’t disposable, and they don’t disappear when they become inconvenient. These two friends are showing everyone what a little love can do, and it’s amazing!

Share Annie’s story to remind others of the love elderly animals in shelters still have to offer.

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