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Elderly Residents Of Assisted Living Facility Delighted By Toddler Dancing To Ms. Rachel

A little girl clapping her hands in a nursing home while listening to Ms. Rachel.

At this point, most parents of young children are familiar with Ms. Rachel and her sweet videos for toddlers. However, one mom recently found out that this educator’s content is capable of reaching a much wider audience. TikToker Arley Herrema shared the most adorable video of her own little girl, Ruby Jo, dancing to one of Ms. Rachel’s songs while visiting her grandma at a nursing home. Other elderly residents also loved seeing the toddler dance around to the music!

According to Arley’s post, there was supposed to be a different activity in the nursing home that morning. However, everyone was so taken with Ruby Jo that the staff members decided to let her go nuts! Footage shows the elderly residents smiling and clapping as the little girl grooves to Ms. Rachel’s tunes on the television.

“Ms. Rachel is not just for littles!” the mom wrote in her caption.

This sweet video made many commenters think that kids should be more frequent visitors at nursing homes!

“I have always believed day care and senior care/nursing home should be the same place,” wrote one user. “Elderly respond to toddlers and kids like seniors.”

A little girl clapping her hands in a nursing home while listening to Ms. Rachel.
Screengrab from TikTok

Another added, “I’m guessing little kids getting the elderly sick is the main hurdle to adopting this everywhere but I so wish we could figure it out.”

It would be wonderful if more toddlers and small children could visit nursing homes. Judging by these residents’ reactions to seeing this little girl dancing to Ms. Rachel, it would certainly brighten a lot of days!

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