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Elderly Man Surprises Everyone When He Throws Down His Canes To Bust A Move.

old dancer with canes

When there’s good music playing, it’s difficult to sit still. Maybe you simply tap your toe, or you do a little seat dance, or if you love the song enough, you may just hit the dance floor to show off your best moves.

When an elderly man heard a song that inspired him to move, he made his way to the dance floor in what looks like a town square… and refused to let his two canes get in the way.


In a video shared on Facebook, the gentleman hobbles out into the center of an already grooving crowd full of couples dancing along to the 50’s classic, “Rock Around The Clock.” He begins dancing, despite his two canes. Then, surprising everyone around him, he suddenly throws the canes on the ground in defiance. Old age be darned!


The man doesn’t just bop along to the music, though. He has some serious moves. He slicks back his hair, he bounces around, and he makes everyone wonder if those canes were even necessary in the first place!


Soon enough, a woman begins dancing with him, and he continues to impress and break it down. The two seem to be completely in sync with each other and having a great time.

Apparently, that fun wasn’t enough for the gentleman, though, because it’s not long before he spots a second woman in the crowd and invites her to come dance, too! He replaced his two canes with two beautiful dancing partners.


The three of them prove that age is just a number as the crowd cheers them on. This man’s love of music and his sweet, sweet moves are an inspiration for everyone to get up and dance whenever the mood strikes. (And maybe grab a partner or two while you’re at it!)

Check out the epic performance in the video below – and be sure to share with anyone who could use a smile!

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