Elderly Couple Lights Up Mall’s Food Court With Adorable Dance Moves.

An elderly man looks up and over at something that can't be seen in the photo as he dances. His wife smiles as she dances toward him.

When it comes to having a long, happy marriage, there’s all kinds of advice out there. Although there’s a lot of wisdom to gain from listening to others, sometimes, you can learn the most by watching. Take, for example, this sweet elderly couple who were caught dancing together at a local mall. Yes, it’s just as adorable as it sounds.

Travis Scott Earley manages to capture this moment on camera and shares it on social media. The magical moment takes place in the food court. From the sound of the music, it seems as though an event may be happening. In any case, the only two people dancing along are an adorable elderly couple.

An elderly couple dance in the mall. The man is facing forward and his wife, who is dancing behind him, faces him.

Elderly Couple Joyfully Dance At the Mall

The two of them smile from ear to ear as they move to the music, prompting the folks around them to cheer. The couple is so in sync, it seems as though they’ve choregraphed their moves in order to be ready for this very moment.

For a while, this sweet couple are the only ones on the makeshift dance floor. After a while, though, someone else joins them. And how could you not? Their joy is contagious!

“I hope I can move that good at that age!” Travis writes.

An elderly couple smile while dancing as a younger man joins them. They all stand in a line as they dance.

Folks in the comment section of the video continue to express how inspiring it is to see a couple bond in such a sweet, public way.

“If ‘dance like no one is watching’ were a couple,” one person writes.

“They[‘re] showing us the secret to a long life right there,” another person shares.

Watch this sweet elderly couple do a joyful dance at a local mall in the heartwarming video below.

@travisscottearley I hope i can moce that good at that age! #foryoupage #oldcouple #mall #promote ♬ original sound – Travis Scott Earley

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