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Seattle Commuters Are Obsessed With Dog Who Rides The Bus Without Her Human.


We’ve all complained about public transportation before. The bus never seems to be on time, the train is overcrowded, there’s a weird odor… the list goes on.

But what if– when you stepped onto the bus for your commute– you saw a friendly face there with a wagging tail? That definitely would brighten your day!

Well, if you’re riding on a bus in Belltown, Washington– a suburb of Seattle–  that may just happen to you! That’s because Belltown buses boast a 3-year-old black Labrador named Eclipse, and she’s become the city’s most famous commuter.


It all started one day when Eclipse and her owner, Jeff, were standing outside together, getting ready to go to the dog park. Eclipse had taken the bus with Jeff to the park before, so she knew the drill, but Jeff wasn’t quite ready to go yet; he was finishing off a cigarette in their yard.

Finally, Eclipse decided he was taking too long. When she saw the bus making a stop in front of her house, she confidently hopped on board for a ride.


No doubt the bus driver and other commuters were baffled by the dog riding solo, but Eclipse had her eyes fixed out the window, waiting for her stop. When they arrived at the dog park, she happily deboarded for some solo fun. Jeff met her at the park soon after.

But this wasn’t a one-time incident. Now Eclipse loves to ride the bus on her own regularly.


Bus drivers and regular commuters are always happy to see the adventurous passenger, and she even wears a bus pass on her collar.


Now, Eclipse has a Facebook page where she shares her adventures exploring Seattle. She even has a fan club of “Ecliptomaniacs!”


But fame hasn’t gone to her head. Eclipse still uses public transit; sometimes she even lets Jeff tag along.

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