Puppy Born Without Front Legs Has No Idea He’s Different, & The Internet Can’t Get Enough!

Little Pippin was born with a pretty big handicap, but let’s just keep that between ourselves.


He’s a happy little guy who doesn’t know any different, barking and growling at strangers and playing just like any other puppy his age. It’s just that he was born without his front legs, which means he has to hop to get from Point A to Point B.

And that means you have to check out the video below, because it’s quite possibly the cutest video ever posted in Internet history.


Pippin was born earlier this year, and soon found a temporary home at Orlando’s LoveyLoaves Special Needs Rescue and Sanctuary.

Taken when he was just two months old, the video shows the mixed-breed puppy sitting on a patch of leaf-strewn lawn, barking and growling his little heart out at a distant pedestrian.


The video soon went viral, gaining this tough-as-nails puppy a legion of fans and hundreds of inquiries from potential adopters.


In a follow-up post, LoveyLoaves clarifies that Pippin is neither “miserable”nor a “poor baby”and acts just like any other puppy his age; how can he miss his front legs when he never knew what it was like to have them in the first place?


And the organization does plan to fit him with his own, custom-designed rolling cart, but only when he reaches his adult size.


Until then, his lucky foster family gets to watch him stomp around their yard like a T-Rex, hop like a bunny and stand guard like a prairie dog!

Check out the video below, and share to spread smiles and support for special-needs animals!

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