40 Goats Infiltrate This Texas Neighborhood In The Most Adorable Invasion Ever.

A two-photo collage. The first is a close up of a goat standing on two legs to eat leaves from a tree at Erwin Farms neighborhood in McKinney, Texas. The second is a cluster of goats gather around shrubbery in a person's front yard at Erwin Farms neighborhood in McKinney, Texas.

Last week Erwin Farms, a neighborhood in McKinney, Texas lived up to its name. Residents woke up to discover they had been adorably invaded by goats – 40 of them to be exact. As you might imagine, folks like Garrett Piersall were equal parts confused and amused.


These 40 curious goats had broken free from their heard more than a mile away. Turns out, they were sent by a firm to graze a nearby development. With their help, vegetation gets cleared out and goat tummies get full. It’s a win-win! Unless those goats get out, of course.

“I think they ate a little bit from everybody’s yard all the way around the circle here,” Garret said. “One of the guys on two legs was just eating my tree. It was pretty wild.”

Nearby houses with external cameras captured the hilarious scene of goats roaming the neighborhood, all of which seemed right at home.

“They were coming down the road really slowly and kinda chilled out right here,” said another resident, Mike Danielson.

As odd as it was to have so many goats wandering around, the animals weren’t the only ones who benefited from this temporary arrangement. Garrett, for example, has less work to do on his bushes.

“It actually did us a favor because we were probably going to pull them this week or next anyway,” he laughed.

Once the adorable troublemakers were reunited with the rest of their herd, the firm who employed them were quick to replace flowers and handle any damages the goats caused. So, in the end, everyone had a pretty great time.

Hopefully this is the first and last time these goats wander over to Erwin Farms – though, we can imagine visiting at least one more time might be tempting.

“The grass is greener on the other side… over here,” Mike laughed.

Watch these mischievous goats on their suburban adventure in the video below.

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