15 Pictures That Show There’s Interesting Stuff Everywhere If We Pay Attention

remote control with "northern lights wake up" button, pub with pictures that curve around wall bends.

Do you ever feel like you walk around in a fog? Life is busy, and it’s difficult to pay attention to every little thing that happens each day! Some of the coolest things around us are the subtle objects, moments, or coincidences that usually go right over our heads. If we focus on staying present and alert, who knows what we might learn and discover?


One of the most popular subreddits around is focused on this very premise. It’s called “Mildly Interesting,” and it’s a place where observant folks upload pictures that made them say, “huh. That is interesting!” These aren’t big, earth-shattering discoveries, but lots of other people find them interesting too! Here are a few of our favorites.

1. In Iceland, this hotel had a special button to wake guests up if the northern lights are outside. We’d be so upset if we slept through them!

2. Those genes run deep! Everyone in this woman’s family has this same hereditary eyebrow mark.

3. The way this faucet corroded makes it look like it’s etched with lines from a map.

4. These total strangers bumped into each other at a wedding. We wonder if they ordered the same meal or drove there in identical cars, too?

5. “My local library has a ‘library of things’ for residents to borrow useful household items like toolkits and power washers.”

6. Why spend hundreds on a Lego Millennium Falcon set when you can use random parts you already own?

7. The stereotype says British people are good at forming orderly lines, even without being told to do so. This English crowd didn’t disappoint!

8. Nature… finds a way! This tree grew over the sign but under the paint.

9. This pub took an unusual approach to hanging their photos…

10. Took the cat to the vet, and he came back a monster!

11. Someone found a perfectly clear leaf, and it’s amazing.

12. This refrigerator has revolving levels, like a Lazy Susan. Where can we get one of these space-age contraptions!

13. “The footrest in my new Jeep says, ‘sand snow rivers rocks’ in Morse code.

14. This person was sitting in traffic when they noticed “4 generations of Honda Civics, in order of age, all in white.”

15. This tree grew a big old loop in the middle. Just because!

Okay, some of these photos are a bit more than “mildly” interesting, don’t you think? Sometimes it’s the smallest things that capture our imagination the most!

You can find the sources of this article’s featured image here and here.

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