Drop-Off Time At This School Is Full Of Laughter Thanks To Clever PTA.

funny PTA sign with MC Hammer and words "Can't Park Here"

It’s never easy getting into the “back to school” swing of things, but a PTA group in Ohio found a way to make parents smile during one of the toughest times of the day: school drop-off!

The PTA at Austintown Elementary School in Youngstown, Ohio put up a series of pop culture-themed signs that only parents “of a certain age” will understand. Parent Monet Lude shared photos of the signs on Facebook where they’re going viral for a very good reason.

“These are hilarious!” Monet wrote. “Our kids don’t know why these are so funny but we sure do.”

1. One of the first signs depicts a car wrapped entirely in plastic wrap with the words, “Please stay in your vehicle.”

2. Another shows rapper MC Hammer from the “U Can’t Touch This” video, Hammer pants and all. This time, the sign says, “Can’t park here!”

3. Remember the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” meme? The Austintown PTA sure does!

4. Every drop-off line should have a little TLC! Here, the girl group by that very name urges parents, “Don’t go blocking drop off lanes” instead of their iconic lyric “chasing waterfalls.”

5. “Friends” fans all know and love the episode where Ross tries to move a sofa up the stairs. “Pivot!! Out of the drop off line!” this sign spoofs.

6. Boy band NSYNC asks parents to “Tell the kids Bye, Bye, Bye” in this clever sign.

7. In the last sign, the PTA asks parents simply to “have a great day!” PTA president Jessica Lippillo said the group got the idea for these signs from a school in Arizona, and they’re thrilled parents love them so much.

“Drop-off lines are hard,” Jessica said. “Ours usually runs smoothly but this year, some of our kids are attending school for the first time ever because of COVID. Students and parents are feeling anxious and I wanted to alleviate their stress.”

Jessica says the retro pop culture references were intentional because these signs are for the parents, not the kids. Plus, she said, “I wanted parents to see that the PTA has a sense of humor.”

Mission accomplished, Jessica! These signs are a breath of fresh air!

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