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15 Classic Puns Every Corny Jokester Should Add To Their Repertoire

actual potato carved to look like a couch. It's a couch potato.

Call us immature, but we do love a good pun!

Puns are a simple kind of joke that use clever wordplay and homophones to create funny and unexpected punchlines. Puns are very popular online, especially on Twitter, where the PUNS account has gained around 541,000 pun-loving followers who love their daily dose of dad jokes. These puns might be groan-worthy in some cases, but we still can’t stop giggling – even while rolling our eyes!

1. We hate to admit it, but this one really quacks us up.

2. Great, now we’ve got that Bob Marley song stuck in our head on repeat!

3. Okay, that’s it! The engagement is off.

4. Every farmer loves a good corny joke, and who can blame them?

5. We see what you did there! We don’t approve, but we still see it!

6. Fine then, we will just wait. And wait. And wait….

7. A mare that can’t sleep! What will they think of next?

8. “What a delightful play on words,” said nobody ever.

9. It may be cheesy, but we are still swiping this joke for future use!

10. This silly joke is just so absurd, we can’t help but laugh.

11. You’ve got to admit they’ve got a point!

12. We’ll be busting this one out on our next elevator ride, for sure. Sorry, not sorry!

13. That’s an awfully long time to wait in between haircuts, don’t you think?

14. Ouch, that’s cold! So much for “first, do no harm.”

15. Maybe you should stick to dispensing medical advice, doc.

Anyone else trying to memorize a few of these to use at the perfect moment? Just us? Okay then!

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