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Son Surprises Mom By Wearing Late Father’s Shirt For Their “Date.”

Losing a parent is devastating, especially when you’re too little to remember mom or dad down the road. But the love we have for our family members never dies if we keep them in our hearts.

Clayton Walker grew up without a father, but his dad is still big part of his life. Clayton made sure of it, despite never truly knowing the man.

father son

His dad passed away when he was just a baby, but take a look at the young man’s Twitter feed, and you’ll find plenty of proof that he adores both his parents. Clayton even carries his phone around in a special case decorated with photos of his parents together, happy and in love.

mom dad phone case

Besides the photos, Clayton only has a few precious mementos of his dad, including some of his old shirts. And recently, he decided to pull one out for a very special occasion.

Clayton shared a video of himself trying it on, explaining, “My father passed away when I was one, and I only have a few shirts of his so I wore one for date night with my momma.”

clayton in late dad's shirt

In the sweetest mother-son moment, his mom’s face lights up when she sees him. She probably can’t help but marvel at how much Clayton looks like his father.

clayton and mom

“What you think?” Clayton asks.

“You look good,” his mom answers before closing her eyes and fighting back tears. Touched by her reaction, Clayton wraps his arms around his mom and kisses the side of her head, saying, “I love you.”

mom cries

Clayton’s mom wasn’t the only one crying after the exchange. Clayton’s video went viral, touching the hearts of millions. It’s easy to understand how special the shirt is to Clayton and his mom, especially for those who’ve lost their own parents.

Here’s what Clayton had to say about the response: “I’ve had so many beautiful comments full of love and my heart is full. Thank you, you beautiful people.”

twitter thread

twitter thread

twitter thread

While Clayton never got the quality time he deserved with his dad, his love for the man will always remain. And we’re sure his mom had everything to do with it. What a beautiful family!

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