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Donut-Shaped Planet? Watch Twitter User’s Video Reveal ‘Theoretical Possibility’ Of This Happening.

donut shaped world

That’s right: the rules of physics dictate that it’s possible for a planet to take the shape of a donut!

Now, I’m no physics professional, but I can tell you that a donut-shaped planet would be pretty exciting!

This image is from X.

Here are the basics of how a donut-shaped planet would come to be:

“It would need to rotate at extremely high speeds, resulting in shorter day durations. Consequently, the gravitational force at the poles would intensify, approximately twice as strong as at the equator.”

The author of this post goes on to explain how days and nights would work on a donut-shaped Earth.

“If the donut-shaped Earth has no tilt, the inner edges would receive no sunlight, while the outer edges would experience increased sunlight exposure, leading to significant temperature variations and extreme weather conditions. However, if the tilt remains unchanged, both the inner and outer edges would receive adequate sunlight.”

Sounds pretty exciting!

Some followers of this account have taken to sharing Albert Einstein quotes in support of the discovery.

One tweeted an image containing Einstein’s famous line, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

This donut-shaped Earth is scientifically unlikely, but it’s amazing to know what’s possible given the rules of science. Check out the clip and full explanation below!

The featured image in this post is from X.

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